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Useful info about Kalymnos


How to get to Kalymnos?

I recommend that you arrive at Kos airport and then take a bus or taxi to Mastichiari harbour where you can catch the ferry to Kalymnos. While waiting for the ferry, enjoy the small beach, bars and restaurants nearby. Your first steps to island life!


You can also choose a flight with a longer stopover in Athens. This gives you the opportunity to spend a night there or even take the time to visit the city if your schedule allows. It is also possible to take a ferry from Athens, but be aware that the ferry takes 12 hours. Check flights, hotels and ferries.

Take ferry from Kos to Kalymnos

Ferries board in Mastichiari, not Kos Town*. There are about ten ferries a day between Kalymnos and Kos. Remember to check the timetable in case you need to stay overnight in Mastichiari (the latest ferry timetable can be found here: The crossing takes about 30 minutes with the fast ferries (45 minutes with the slow ones). There is no need to book the ferry in advance (some exceptions in high season, so be careful), a small ticket office opens at the harbour just before departure. A taxi from the airport to the port of Mastichiari takes less than 10 minutes and costs €18. Some buses are also available (3€), they don't take much longer but are limited and can sometimes be late.


*There is one boat a day from Kos town, but it is further from the airport, so it is more expensive to take a taxi and the ticket is also more expensive at around €16. This may be an option if strong winds stop the ferries from Mastichiari.

Do you need a car or a scooter?

If you are staying in Masouri or the surrounding area, it is possible to reach some of the cliffs on foot, there are about 1000 routes (including Telendos). This may be sufficient for a short trip, but you will miss some of the really beautiful cliffs that require transport to reach. So it may be worth hiring a vehicle. The most common is a scooter, but be aware that accidents do happen. The average price is €12 per day (depending on the duration of the rental, the season and the size of the engine). In my opinion, a car is the wiser choice. It's a little more expensive, from €25 per day. If you choose this option, it may be wise to rent your car in Pothia, as there are several rental companies near the port. You won't need to take a taxi.

If you take one or more sessions with me, I will take you to the cliffs.

How to get your accommodation?

The easiest way to find what you need is to use Airbnb, where most of the accommodation is listed. I recommend staying in the villages of Masouri or Myrties, as they are closest to the cliffs and have the best facilities for your stay (shops, restaurants, etc.). Buses (3€ and about 40 minutes) and taxis (about 20 minutes and 18€) are available at the harbour.

Where can you eat?

There are plenty of options for eating out, depending on your budget. Outside Masouri there are some very good places to eat in Mirties, Mlitsaha, Armeos and Emporios.

It is possible to buy groceries in Masouri. If you are staying in a studio, there is a small kitchen where you can cook for yourself.


Organise Your Adventure and Experience Kalymnos.

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