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À la Carte climbing courses and sessions In Kalymnos

From April to October, improve and learn outdoor climbing on some of the most beautiful sport routes in the world.


Beginner Climber

A person who has never climbed indoors or outdoors

Intermediate Climber

Climber comfortable at level 5b/c (5.9) to 6a/b (5.10b), or indoor climber who has never climbed outdoors and climber wishing to improve their climbing skills.

Advanced Climber

Climber comfortable at level 6b (5.10c) to 7a/b (5.12) who wants to push himself and achieves something new.

Content of courses


When to come in Kalymnos for climbing?

My season will start in beginning of April and finish in the end of October. Choose in the booking form below:

  • your type of session

  • the number of participants

  • the number of sessions

The form will instantly give you a price.​ If you want 4 sessions or more, you have the possibility to add a rest day. I strongly advise you to do this, but do the best you can with your schedule.

I invite you to check my availability on this calendar.

What type of session do you want?

  • private session, it will be only you and me for the session. It can be a couple or a group of friends. With 4 and more sessions it's possible to do Deep Water Solo and multi-pitch if you want. 

  • group session with a maximum of 6 participants and rarely more than 4, I favour homogenous groups as much as possible. With 4 and more sessions we could do Deep Water Solo if you want.

  • beginner session, out of respect for my participants, I do not mix beginners with people who have already climbed. There are some notions/manipulations to integrate as a beginner that require vigilance and attention for you as well as for me. Nothing complicated, but these basics are fundamental.

  • family session, this means that you climb with your child(ren) and I manage the session(s) for your whole family. I will show you techniques to be belayed by your child(ren). 

Where do we meet?

We will meet in Sofrano(or in front of) to have a coffee (or anything else) and decide together on a sector that suit you to have an excellent time of rock climbing. You benefit from my knowledge to climb on the most beautiful routes of the island. 

*Sofrano is a coffee shop at the end of Masouri. It is located just below the Poets sector, which can be reached directly on foot. If you stay in Masouri you need maximum 10 minutes to reach the coffee shop.

How long is the session?

Contenu grimpe

I offer you 4 to 4 and a half hours of rock climbing which is usually enough for a good session (4 to 6 routes with an average height of 25 meters). 

When do you climb?

First of all, we will never climb in the sun! Sessions can take place in the morning or afternoon. The orientation of cliffs on Kalymnos are like that, 70% of the cliffs are in the shade in the morning, until about 13:00. 30% are in the shade in afternoon and start to be in the shade around 14:00. 

So to have around 4 hours sessions, we need to start at 8:00 in the morning and we will start at 14:30 in the afternoon.

How do we get to the climbing sectors?

We will take my van to go to the sector from Sofrano. It will take 5 to 15 minutes. Approach from the car park will take between 5 to 20 minutes on average

What equipment do I provide?

I will provide all climbing equipment:

  • harness

  • helmet

  • belay device

  • quick-draws

  • rope

  • belay glasses

  • assisted-braking resistor (for weight differential between climbers)

  • chalk bag

  • climbing shoes

  • bag

What equipment should you take?

  • approach shoes or at least closed shoes. No flip-flop! It's mainly a question of safety when you belay, the ground is not homogeneous and you have to be perfectly mobile and alert to properly belay your climbing partner. We will have to walk on steep paths so it will be safer, more convenient and more comfortable.

  • You will have to carry some of the equipment (rope, quickdraw...), so if you take a bag, take one of at least 40 litres. As you read above, I will provide it if you don't have one.

  • If you have your climbing shoes, harness and helmet, take them. Your equipment will fit you better than mine.

  • a cap or hat. We won't be climbing in the sun, but we will have to walk in the sun to reach the cliff or leave it.

  • water and food if you need.

What you will learn with me ?

Whatever your level, from beginner to expert, there is always something to learn, improve and develop. From a single session to a 6 day course, there are many things (all these aspects are connected) I can help you with:

  • everything related to belaying. I attach a great deal of importance to safety, you will see or see again during your session(s) everything you need to know to climb safely. This aspect is obviously important for your bodily integrity but it's also an essential aspect in the mental process for climbing: if you are confident with your equipment, with your belayer who knows properly how to belay (giving rope accurately, soft catch, paying attention of you, encourage you...), you climb without squeezing the holds and you have more mental space to focus on your climbing.

  • developing your technique on the rock (mainly foot technique)

  • the fundamentals concerning the mental which is a vast subject:

    • preparation for effort

    • management of self-handicapping strategies

    • training for the fall

    • breathing (connecting to the present)

    • rest management

    • acceptance

    • concentration

    • fighting spirit

    • living one's emotions

    • communication (encouraging, being encouraged, learning from others...)

    • etc.

  • culture of climbing​

My extensive knowledge of the island's areas allows me to take you to the most beautiful routes adapted to your level.
I favour private sessions or small groups (3 or 4 people, generally no more) of homogeneous level, allowing me to be fully with you. This is both a guarantee of quality for your coaching, I will be totally present and available for you, and of flexibility, allowing you to go on any cliff whatever the frequentation. It is also more climbing in a given time, without group inertia.

What is included in the price?

  • My supervision (I speak fluently in Engish)

  • Insurance for the climbing activity, I'm fully insured in professional liability (Contract Signed By MMA)

  • Transportation to the cliff from Masouri

  • All climbing equipment

How to book the course?

Please fill in the booking form below to register your interest. I will send you an email to summarise your booking. With your reply, the booking will be done on my schedule (and which will then be displayed on the online agenda). To confirm your attendance you will be required to deposit 20% of the price when the amount is above 300 €. I will refund the money if you cancel one week before the beginning of the course.


*6 sessions and 1 rest day


Arrive on Kalymnos, Pothia port, and make your way to your chosen accommodation (see « How to get to Kalymnos» in Useful info ). I highly recommend you stay in Masouri or Myrties as these areas are closest to the crags and most convenient for your stay (shops, restaurants etc.).


4-5 hours of climbing typically in the morning. The rest of the day relax at the beach, discover the surrounding villages, enjoy your evening with Greek cuisine etc.


We go to Vathy and climb over the sea, it's Deep Water Solo… unforgettable! Unless you are Alex Honnold you will probably end up in the sea, so be prepared to swim!


As any physical activity, it's important to manage rest.

This day would be the occasion for you to rent a scooter or a car to visit the island. I'll give you tips on the nicest places to visit. You could discover some remote beaches to chill.


Get back into the rhythm with 4 to 5 hours of climbing. Progress at your own pace on the island’s many routes! One day will be dedicated to climbing on Telendos, the iconic island in front of Kalymnos.


It’s the end of your course, feel free to leave whenever you want. The transfer is to be organised by your own means.

Booking course


Please contact me for any information or reservation. After filling in the form below, you will receive an e-mail summarising what you have read above, with my offer corresponding to your request.

I am asking for your phone number so that I can contact you via WhatsApp when you are in Kalymnos in case something unforeseen happens.


Check my availabilities on this calendar


The rest day does not change the price. It is just for planning your course.

An offer will be send by email

This price will be confirmed by email


Thank you for your sending.


Organise Your Adventure and Experience Kalymnos.

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