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Climbing courses in Laos

In the heart of the beautiful and tranquil Pha Tam Kam karst valley in Laos, in a small camp surrounded by incredible limestone cliffs, come and improve your mental climbing skills.


This course is aimed at intermediate climbers* from 5c to 6b (feel free to come if you are stronger) who want to improve their mental skills. Mental is involved in almost every aspect of your climbing, from belaying and clipping methods to encouraging your partner (and being encourage). We will mainly look at how to deal with the fear of falling and you will practise falling. But mental is also reading, breathing, resting strategy, living your emotions, communicating, managing self-handicapping strategies, accepting, fighting or focus the mind etc.

*I'm sorry, it's not for beginners, ie never climbed, if you've climbed in the gym, you're not a beginner, even if you only do bouldering.




Staying in a camp in a remote valley



Between 5 and 20 minutes from the camp



A climbing camp dedicated to climbing



Climbing amazing limestone in beautiful surroundings

A unique 7-day all inclusive adventure in Laos in the largest climbing area:

  • daily climbing sessions in a different sector of the valley

  • climbing sessions dedicated to mental climbing skills

  • maximum group size of 6 participants

  • unique climbing camp atmosphere

  • a warm place to climb in the winter

  • different sleeping options: tent, dorm, bungalow

  • optional: yoga sessions

Fill in the form if you want to join a course.

the camp


The Green Climbers Home resort in Laos, South East Asia, is located right next to the climbing areas. You will find wonderful routes with tufa, sinter and face climbing. There are 250 routes between 5 and 6b and over 200 from 6b+ and up.


Located at the base of the Pha Tam Kam climbing area, the cosy bungalows cater for all climbers' needs with hot water showers and comfortable beds. There are 20 bungalows and a campsite at both Green Climbers Homes, plus 12 beds in the dormitory at Green Climbers Home 1.


The Green Climbers Home restaurant "Layback Bar" is a great place to dine in a relaxed atmosphere.

The program



There are several ways to get to the camp depending on where and when you arrive. The easiest way is to arrive at Nakhon Phanom airport and we can arrange a private taxi from the airport to the camp. It's more expensive but the most comfortable. The taxi driver will help you with the visa, you will need your passport (valid for at least 6 months) and 30-42$ (depending on your nationality).

All information on how to get to the camp here.


You will have dinner at the camp.


  • 7:00 - Breakfast

  • ​Climbing session (in the morning or in the afternoon):​​

    • ​​8:00 ~ 13:00 

    • 13:00 ~ 18:00

  • Optional yoga session (in the morning or in the afternoon) 

    • 10:00 ~ 11:00

    • 17:30 ~ 18:30

  • 19:00 -  Evening meal at the camp restaurant

DAY 4: rest day

  • 7:00 ~ 10:00 - Breakfast

  • You can use this free day to go to Thakhek and visit the site. Transport can be arranged from the camp.

  • 19:00 -  Evening meal at the camp restaurant


  • 7:00 - Breakfast

  • ​Climbing session (in the morning or in the afternoon):​​

  • ​​8:00 ~ 13:00 

  • 13:00 ~ 18:00

  • Optional yoga session (in the morning or in the afternoon) 

  • 10:00 ~ 11:00

  • 17:30 ~ 18:30

  • 19:00 -  Evening meal at the camp restaurant


That's the end of your course, you can have breakfast and leave whenever you like.

Let me know if you want to stay longer so I can book your accommodation in advance, or if you want to arrive earlier.

upcoming retreats


Three courses are actually organised in February 2024. The courses start on Monday and end on Sunday. You can arrive whenever you like. You may travel before, after or both. The Sunday evening meal on arrival is included, as is breakfast on the Monday of your departure.

The group consists of a maximum of 6 participants.

- from the 29th of January to the 4th of February 

- from the 12th to 18th of February 

- from the 26th of February to the 3rd of March



How to get to the camp?

All the information you need to get here is on the website of Green Climbers House.

What equipment do I provide?

I will provide the following climbing equipment:

  • belay device

  • quickdraws

  • rope with rope bag

  • safety

  • belay glasses

  • assisted-braking resistor (for weight difference between climbers)

What equipment should you take?

  • your own climbing equipment:

    • harness​

    • climbing shoes

    • helmet

  • approach shoes or at least closed shoes. No flip-flops! It's mainly a question of safety when belaying, the ground is not homogeneous and you need to be perfectly agile and alert to belay your partner properly. We will have to walk on steep paths to make it safer, more convenient and more comfortable.

  • You will have to carry some of the equipment (rope, quickdraw...), so if you bring a bag, make sure it is at least 40 litres.

  • If you have your climbing shoes, harness and helmet, take them with you. It's eventually possible to rent these equipments.

  • A cap or hat. We won't be climbing in the sun, but we will have to walk in the sun to get to and from the cliff.

What you will learn with me ?

Whatever your level, from intermediate to expert climber, there is always something to learn, improve and develop. There are many things (all aspects below are related) that I can help you with:

  • Anything to do with belaying. I put a lot of emphasis on safety, you will see or see again during your session(s) everything you need to know to climb safely. This aspect is obviously important for your physical integrity, but it's also an essential aspect of the mental process of climbing: if you are confident with your equipment, with your belayer who knows how to belay correctly (giving the rope accurately, catching it softly, paying attention to you, encouraging you...), you will climb without squeezing the holds and you will have more mental space to concentrate on your climbing.

  • developing your technique on the rock (mainly foot technique)

  • the fundamentals concerning the mental aspect which is a vast subject:

    • preparation for effort

    • management of self-handicapping strategies

    • training for the fall

    • breathing (connecting with the present moment)

    • rest management

    • acceptance

    • concentration

    • fighting spirit

    • living your emotions

    • communication (encouraging, being encouraged, learning from others...)

    • etc.

  • climbing​ culture

What is included in the price?

Accommodation option

  • 7 nights in the accommodation that you will choose:

    • individual dome tent ($6.25 per night)

    • 2-person dome tent ($8,25 per night)

    • 2-person pavilion tent ($12,50 per night)

    • dorm in a 4-bed room with own bathroom ($12 per night)

    • bungalow for 1 or 2 people with double bed and shared bathroom ($25 per night)

    • bungalow for 1 or 2 people with double bed with own bathroom ($30per night)



  • 8 breakfasts, including one hot drink or one juice and one plate

  • 7 lunchs, including one meal

  • 8 dinners, including one starter, one main course

*There is always an option for vegetarians. For drinks and something extra you would like you will add on your note book and you will pay your bill at the end of your stay.


Rock Climbing

  • 6 climbing sessions

  • Insurance for the climbing activity, Fred is fully insured in professional liability (contract signed by MMA)

  • The equipment: belay device, quickdraws, ropes, belay glasses,

The price of the course depends on the accommodation you choose. You will have the price by filling the form below.

What is not included in the price?

  • Flights and transport to and from the camp

  • Visa for the Lao border (30 to 45$, depending on where you come from)

  • Transport during free time

  • Private travel insurance

How to book the course?

Please complete the contact form below to register your interest. You will be asked to pay the full cost of the course to confirm your attendance.


Bookings close one month before the course starts.

Booking course

What is the cancellation policy like? 

We know these things are uncertain and it's unsettling to plan things in advance. For this reason we offer a very flexible cancellation policy.


  • If we have to cancel the course, you will receive a full refund, including the €200 deposit.


  • If you can't attend the retreat and wish to cancel more than 30 days before the retreat, you will receive a full refund including the €200 deposit, minus a €50 administration fee. 

  • If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the retreat*, your full payment will be held for future retreats, less the €200 deposit.

  • If cancellation is received less than 2 weeks prior to the retreat*, your payment will not be refunded. 


*If you or we find a last-minute replacement for you, your full payment will be refunded, including the €200 deposit, less a €50 administration fee.


Please contact me for more information or to make reservation. After filling in the form below, you will receive an e-mail with a summary of what you have read above and my offer according to your request.

I ask for your phone number so that I can contact you via WhatsApp when you are in Kalymnos in case something unforeseen happens.


This price will be confirmed by email


An offer will be send by email

Thank you for your sending.


Organise Your Adventure and Experience Laos.

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